IAB Taps OwnerIQ as Cooperative Advertising Leader


BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The online-ad industry should learn from OwnerIQ. So said the Interactive Advertising Bureau in a new, in-depth whitepaper from the IAB and the Local Search Association.

The whitepaper by analyst Rebecca Lieb, ?Co-op Advertising: Digital?s Lost Opportunity??, notes that while digital advertising continues to boom, it remains underdeveloped in the area of co-op advertising ? the kind of advertising on which a manufacturer and a retailer agree to share costs.

As the paper notes, even in traditional media, co-op advertising is ?often little understood and frequently under-leveraged. Smaller retailers can be unaware co-op dollars exist, while publishers and agencies may also overlook the sector.? In digital media this is even more true, but OwnerIQ, the inventor of Ownership Targeted media and developer of one of the most advanced Real-Time media buying platforms in the industry, has made serious inroads in a short time. As Ad Age reported in July, OwnerIQ recently raised $7.5 million, largely to expand its co-op offering.

?Our relationships with both our manufacturer and online retail partners are deep and broad,? said OwnerIQ CEO Jay Habegger. ?These partners shared a desire to improve the way co-op is executed online. That?s what inspired us to build CoEx. The platform leverages OwnerIQ?s unique ad model to address the needs of today?s retailer and manufacturer, and makes online co-op easier and much more effective. The IAB is the recognized authority regarding all things pertaining to digital advertising, and we?re pleased to have this recommendation.?

After describing the potential value of digital co-op advertising as ?$5 to $10 billion per year,? Ms. Lieb concludes that, ?The online ad industry would benefit and learn from association with organizations such as OwnerIQ? and others.

The full paper is available for free at http://www.iab.net/media/file/CoopAdvertisingStudy.pdf.

About OwnerIQ

OwnerIQ is the advertising network that invented the concept of Ownership Targeting. The company partners with top retailers, manufacturers and publishers to transform their website visits into unique Ownership Targeted media opportunities, and in turn creates digital ad revenue for these partners.

OwnerIQ?s Advertising Solutions enables advertisers and agencies to target an online display advertising message to consumers based on the product and brand they own and/or intend to buy. This is Ownership Targeting. In addition, its real-time cross exchange demand-side and performance platform ("DSP") OPTMS reaches 90% of the web.

OwnerIQ?s Media Solutions offers a complete end-to-end solution that makes it possible for retailers and manufacturers to generate ad revenue from their website or commerce platform.

Founded in August 2006, OwnerIQ is based in Boston and is led by a proven management team of online media professionals. For more information, please visit www.owneriq.com.

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