Boston-Based Medical Device Start-Up Launches U Boost


Ms. (Motherhood/Sisterhood) United, a medical device start-up focused on developing novel breast pumping technology, today announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for U Boost, a hands-free breast pump booster that can be used in conjunction with any standard breast pump to improve lactation and milk output by an average of ~40 percent.

All breast pumps use suction as the sole stimulant to express milk. Breastfeeding is a complicated biologic process and it’s hard to replicate the multifactorial stimulation of a baby with a vacuum-based breast pump. U Boost is the first breastfeeding booster that adds compression and vibration – two well-known stimulants – to improve the output of all breast pumps.

Developed by a team of breastfeeding mothers, the universal design works with every style of breast pump and most breast sizes. Mothers position U Boost against the chest in contact with the dense area of mammary glands. The booster then stimulates the mammary glands with compression and vibration and works in concert with the suction stimulation of the breast pump. The combined use of all three stimulants helps to improve milk supply and potentially shorten the amount of time spent pumping.  

Preference studies, found that 90 percent of testers felt that U Boost improved their pumping experience, and 80 percent noticed a significant increase in milk expression (n=28). Additionally, in a well-controlled, institutional review board approved clinical trial, funded by the National Institute of Health, testers saw an average of 40 percent more milk removed with U Boost then without (n=6, overall responses ranged from 20%-60% improved milk output with U Boost).

“There hasn’t been a significant innovation in breast pump technology in years and we’re proud to offer a new solution that will have a significant, positive impact on breastfeeding mothers,” commented Susan Thompson, CEO of Ms. United. “Our team of dedicated mothers invented this product out of necessity through many of our own births and breastfeeding experiences. We look forward to developing progressively more dynamic compression products for improved breastfeeding and pumping results.”

U Boost is available on Kickstarter for pre-order from October 24, 2017 – November 23, 2017. Models start at $49 with escalating prices for add-ons, including vibration and free nursing bras. The team is also offering free product to interested testers who want to be a part of the evolution of U Boost. As the product moves from a small number of sales to larger volumes – the company is looking for enthusiastic participants to help optimize the education and instructional materials.  

About Ms. United (

Ms. (Mother-sisterhood) United is medical device start-up focused on developing a novel breast pumping technology for new mothers.  The company was founded by two moms from Boston with PhDs in Engineering. The CEO, Susan, knew there must be a better way to breast pump when her son was born. She now has two sons, ages 6 and 3. The COO, Elizabeth, realized breast pumping needed to change when she went back to work once her son was born. She now has a four-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter.

Together, with a group of consultants, Susan and Elizabeth have been studying the effects of compression technology in combination with traditional breastfeeding technology.  During the last six years, Ms. United (formally Kohana) has raised more than $500,000 in grant money from the National Institute of Health and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center to study and develop this novel technology that aides in breast pumping. All clinical studies have been funded by the National Institute of Health and reviewed by a scientific Institutional Review Board.


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