Interview with Steve Wray, CEO of CloudMine - Part III


Steve Wray

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A HIPAA-compliant data integration solution driving innovation and better medical outcomes

Steve Wray is the CEO of CloudMine. Founded in 2011, CloudMind is a HIPAA compliant data enablement platform for healthcare that removes barriers to collaboration between providers and organizations across the industry, thereby driving innovation and providing better outcomes for patients. The platform, which was designed with security, compliance, and scalability in mind, is used by organizations such as Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Biomeme, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Digitas Health, and many more.

JEFF MACK: I can imagine that your platform might pose some challenges for large, siloed healthcare organizations and networks. What sorts of outcomes are your customers seeing?

STEVE WRAY: Across the board, when you look at the kind of subsets of customers that we’re in dialogue with now and supporting thankfully, you have to commend them for what has happened in terms of the migration of this issue of connected health upward and outward in their organizations. Healthcare systems locally here, like Thomas Jefferson University, are really pioneers who have created centers of excellence that are intended to improve patient engagement through technologies. They recognized early on that that meant that those technologies needed to be connected, and fortunately they have been a fantastic initial partner with us who have scaled. Others are starting to see similar applications, if you will, for a connected health cloud across their organizations and it’s helping them to rethink their business model.

When you go from a disconnected state, Jeff, to a connected state, it’s amazing what you suddenly see as possible that previously were seen as a series of barriers. I think it’s going to speed innovation curves, it’s going to allow these customers to serve their constituents more effectively, and—as I think the metrics will likely bear out—reduce costs and improve outcomes. That’s what’s driving us to be omnipresent in these customer organizations every day.

The competition is formidable, yet I think one kind of level setting point here that I would put forth that few people have challenged, is that no one has actually completed this task. If we talk about the transformation of digital health and we talk about the migration to the cloud, I would thus far give the industry and all of those players an “incomplete.” The job has to be finished. I believe that we provide a unique, agile, pre-engineered and secure solution that will allow customers to move faster to develop something that is more customized to their individual organizations needs and, frankly, to move towards what is not just an enterprise health cloud but a multi-enterprise health cloud by being more malleable when organizations want to collaborate across fences—because I’m not going to put my data in the other organization’s stack and vice versa. To use the coin of a phrase here, they need Switzerland and these collaborations are becoming more prevalent every day. I am not saying, by any means, that any of those large global organizations that you mentioned are incapable of that; I believe we can move faster and more efficiently than their business model would allow.

Q. What’s your vision for the future of the company?

A. Often times you can look so far out on the horizon and say, “hey, we’re going to be this.” I think we have to travel through a series of gates that will tell us that we have achieved the milestones that are meaningful and impactful to our customers. For the next six months, it’s ensuring that we have a platform that scales in front of the needs of our customers. Moving as the market has moved, after the Forrester wave kind of put the first definitions around an enterprise health cloud earlier this year, we need to make sure that we are prepared to scale at the speed and at the breadth and depth of our customers needs—that’s first. Proving that, it’s then duplicating it in two critical areas of the marketplace: in connected clinical trials and in integrated disease management, which we spoke to earlier in this interview. Why? Because the connected clinical trials of today and the near term will actually be the proxy for what integrated disease management looks like in the future. Biometrics, genomic therapy, the first gene therapy that was approved by the FDA was born a couple of miles from here—that’s what the future of medicine will look like. It’s what clinical trials are beginning to look like now. If our Connected Health Cloud could empower more data, more wearables, more personalized or precision healthcare in clinical trials, that enables the delivery of care to change in the very near future, also powered by our Connective Health Cloud? That’s my vision.

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