Wevo Raises $1.6M Seed


WEVO, an artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing technology startup, is launching a new platform for digital marketers to test and improve website conversion before going live. The platform predicts conversion testing outcomes, provides audience insight, and helps marketers build a more effective website. WEVO makes this possible prior to developing the site pages or launching A/B tests, which are typically required to test website effectiveness and can waste resources and time.

The WEVO platform launches with a recent round of seed funding in the amount of $1.6 million. Investors in the company include Will Graylin, Global GM of Samsung Pay; Frank Moss, former Director of the MIT Media Lab; David Chang, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor; Carla Brodley, Dean of Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science; Tom Rutledge, Head of Fixed Income at Magnetar Capital; and Udi Mokady, Chairman and CEO of CyberArk, among others.

The client roster has already grown to include multiple Fortune 500 customers.

"It has long been accepted by digital marketers struggling to optimize website conversion that they must collect mountains of target audience usage data over months,” says Moss. “Now, with WEVO’s blend of artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing, the platform can actually predict conversion outcomes in a just a few days, before even pushing anything live. This is truly digital marketing magic that will have profound business impact. It is why I am extremely excited about WEVO."

The platform is easy to use and provides results in just days. Marketers simply upload images of the page designs they’d like to test and select their target audience. Users can test pages that are in concept stage, live pages and even competitor’s pages.

“We’ve seen digital marketers struggle to get the developer time, stakeholder approvals and design direction they need to optimize their conversion in a streamlined way,” says Nitzan Shaer, CEO and Co-Founder of WEVO. “WEVO eliminates the red tape and mitigates risk by proving conversion lift before going through the standard lengthy A/B testing process.”

Key benefits of the WEVO platform include the ability for digital marketers to:

Predict conversion outcomes before building a page.

Gain insight from the target audience.

Benchmark and learn from competitors.

Understand why visitors aren’t converting.

Get impactful design direction.

WEVO was co-founded in 2016 by Shaer, former Skype executive, and Janet Muto, former CMO of Constant Contact.

Additional Investor / Advisor Quotes

“Each year I see hundreds of startups, and only one out of a hundred has a team, market, and technology that’s so aligned. WEVO has a first-rate team that truly understands marketers' pains, and they’ve built a product that slashes the amount of time to introduce true improvements to their websites. A/B testing as we know it is about to change forever.” - David Chang, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

“The possibilities for this technology in digital communications are endless. WEVO provides rapid qualitative and quantitative target audience feedback on websites and leverages machine learning to accurately predict conversion outcomes and visitor behavior in a way that has never been done before.” - Carla Brodley, Dean of Northeastern College of Computer and Information Science

“WEVO optimizes faster, converts higher, and is going to change the way we approach conversion optimization moving forward." - George Overholser, Angel Investor and Social Entrepreneur

“Up until now, digital marketers have only had live A/B testing at their fingertips, where they have to wait for multiple test variations to be built, approved, and pushed live for the duration of the test. With WEVO, you can test before you go live, therefore saving approval and development resources until after you know you have a winner.” - Debi Kleiman, Executive Director of the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

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