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MedMinder and Cyft are proud to announce a new partnership to improve care management for chronic / complex populations. Cyft uses AI to help care management teams focused on chronic / complex populations use all of their data to identify the members most likely to benefit from their specific interventions, increasing the effectiveness of their outreach by over 200%. MedMinder helps manage complex drug regimes for patients with an automated pill dispensing solution and alerts that increase medication adherence rates to over 90%.

As part of the new partnership, Cyft will integrate in-home medication adherence data into their nightly predictions, using more recent and relevant data to accurately prioritize members for care management outreach based on actionable risk. MedMinder customers using Cyft will now have a single solution for combining MedMinder medication data with other rich sources including care management notes, call center, and claims data to get a more complete picture of actionable risk and associated urgency.

MedMinder will also serve as Bluetooth hub for smart devices in the home, such as scales and thermometers. Together with MedMinder's wireless cellular internet connectivity, this enables patients can use smart devices without traditional internet services, thereby eliminating a common barrier to real time data collection. Cyft, in turn, will combine these new sources of in-home data to help their clients deliver more efficient care management interventions.

"More relevant and recent information leads to better insights and plans of action. And since the average person with chronic / complex conditions is with their clinician less than 1% of the time, we need to think beyond the clinic for data sources. We couldn't be more impressed with MedMinder's vision, technology, and business model and look forward to working together to improve care for those who need it most." - Leonard D'Avolio, Ph.D., CEO and Cofounder of Cyft.

"Providing caregivers with actionable, real-time insights on medication adherence is a critical part of what makes MedMinder so effective. MedMinder is collecting the data of real medication consumption at home and by feeding the data to Cyft, we're now putting the pieces together to proactively guide care managers based on all available data. This ability to make care management decisions based on real-time data from the home will greatly improve care while enabling independent living" - Said Eran Shavelsky, MedMinder CEO.

About MedMinder

MedMinder is committed to reaching 100% medicine adherence to ensure healthy outcomes. To accomplish this goal, MedMinder supplies automated pill dispensing solutions that are integrated with remote alerts and feedback. In addition MedMinder Pharmacy provides separate cartridges with the medications already sorted and organized. All users need to do is to insert the cartridges into the MedMinder Pill Dispensers. This combination of full service pharmacy with a highly effective pill dispenser improves drug adherence from typical averages of 50% to over 90%.

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About Cyft

Cyft partners with leading care organizations to identify opportunities to optimize care managementefforts for chronic / complex populations. Backed by years of research and development and founded by Harvard Medical School Professor, Dr. Leonard D'Avolio, Cyft is the result of learning from over 10 million chronic / complex cases, and engagements with over 250 hospitals and 25 health plans.

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