OPENPediatrics and Genuine Redefine How Pediatric Clinicians Learn Life-Saving Concepts


OPENPediatrics (OP), the open-access education platform for pediatric clinicians, has teamed with Genuine to develop Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis simulators - training tools that immerse pediatric clinicians into real-life scenarios often encountered during intricate treatments of kidney ailments in children.

With a growing need for advancements in medical training innovation, OPENPediatrics, sponsored by Boston Children’s Hospital, has continued to fortify its platform of education technologies where physicians and health professionals are able to share academically rigorous and peer-reviewed medical content. These assets are intended to aid in areas of medicine where gaps in learning are most prevalent and training is in the highest demand. Recent research confirmed that of the many focuses within pediatrics, there were significant educational lapses and decreasing interest in pediatric nephrology. The unearthing of these findings lead OPENPediatrics to Genuine where the two united in efforts to launch the digital training simulators for Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis.

“For the past decade there have been numerous challenges facing pediatric nephrology, as workforce recruitment among US Medical Graduates and International Medical Graduates correlates with the declining trends similar to those found in adult nephrology,” said Dr. Traci Wolbrink, MD MPH; Associate in Critical Care Medicine; Co-Director, OPENPediatrics. “It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why, however, data suggests that the subject matter comprising nephrology is perceived as extremely complicated and often not taught well. This certainly piqued our organization’s interest to help provide a solution to the problem.”

To remedy, OPENPediatrics and Genuine, an integrated digital agency, worked with medical experts and nephrologists from the U.S. and South America to develop two unique cutting-edge digital training simulators that would replicate true-to-life pediatric nephrology cases in children. These simulators include real-life use cases that represented scenarios clinicians would likely face with their own pediatric patients. End-users are taught the key concepts of Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysisthrough interactive text, illustration, and short animated videos that train on the concepts and skills needed to treat the simulated patients. By completing the exercises within the simulator, clinicians around the world are able to master effective treatment procedures for their patients in a virtual environment.

“Our goal was to develop two immersive, state-of-the-art simulators that would prepare medical practitioners for complicated nephrology procedures,” said Chris Pape, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Genuine. “We’re really proud of the tools we created in conjunction with OPENPediatrics, and knowing that these simulators will actually save children’s lives is gratifying in so many ways.”

Following its launch, OPENPediatric’s Hemodialysis Simulator was selected as a winner in The American Society of Nephrology’s “2016 Innovations in Kidney Education Contest.” This annual competition encourages members of the kidney community to develop and submit an innovative tool that is used to teach medical students and residents aspects of nephrology, including renal physiology, pathophysiology, or clinical disease.

The relationship between OPENPediatrics and Genuine began in 2012 when the two partnered to create a virtual Ventilator simulator. In collaboration, OP and Genuine were able to replicate realistic cases of pediatric patients where ventilators could be used to save their lives. Since launching the Ventilator simulator in 2013, thousands of OPENPediatrics users have been able to hone their skills in a realistic environment without impacting live patients. 

About Genuine
Since Genuine’s founding in 2005, the company has invented and launched digital experiences for the world’s most innovative brands. A member of the IPG group of companies, Genuine’s reach extends to serving brands around the world, including Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Akamai, Red Hat and Welch’s. Their mantra, “Invent Together,” keeps the agency true to its core values, and fosters a collective determination to create the best user-driven, digital-first experiences that challenge and lead industry categories. Genuine’s offices are located in Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco. To learn more visit

About OPENPediatrics
OPENPediatrics is an online network that lets doctors and nurses in countries around the globe share and tap into life-saving medical information. Available online or offline, its collection of resources spans the gamut from the basics of pediatric care to cutting-edge research and procedures. Medical professionals get the chance to virtually practice and learn through video seminars and simulation tools that help them hone new skills. To learn more visit

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